Hertfordshire 'Remains Open For Business'

Herts Ltd Report

The Hertfordshire Limited study, conducted by Grant Thornton in association with the Hertfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership, was released on 1 December. At the launch event, guests from many of the Hertfordshire Limited companies - the 200 largest companies owned and managed in the county - took part in a survey on the Hertfordshire economy.

The results of the full report demonstrate that the Hertfordshire entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well as evidenced by robust growth in profits, job creation and remuneration. This is very encouraging for future success. The report and the survey conducted at its launch event allow the opportunity to celebrate success and strengths, and equally, to mark areas of potential challenge.

The results from the survey conducted at the launch event are presented in the graphs below. The responses present a broadly positive outlook on business conditions in Hertfordshire. In the context of uncertainy surrounding Brexit this was a clear indication that Hertfordshire remains open for business and is optimistic about the future. This is hugely pleasing to the Hertfordshire LEP which strives to ensure the county remains perfectly placed for business.

The challenges businesses highlighted as necessary to overcome for future growth include addressing the skills gap and improving infrastructure. This reflects the Hertfordshire LEP's plans for the future with skills and infrastructure forming two of the pillars of our strategic economic planning. It also fulfils the LEP’s aim of ensuring the voice of business remains at the heart of our work.