Our Programmes


In order to turn our Strategic Economic Plan for the county into reality the LEP has three main Programme Boards, each chaired by a LEP Board business representative member. These are:

Strategic Infrastructure

Fundamental to business competitiveness and growth in Hertfordshire is provision of the appropriate communications, road and rail infrastructure to support current and future needs, as well as appropriate workspaces and housing. Here you can find out how the Strategic Infrastructure Programme Board is working to identify how to remove the key barriers to development and regeneration.

Enterprise and Innovation

Hertfordshire’s businesses are our greatest asset and offer huge potential to grow the county’s economy and jobs. To maximise this we will ensure that businesses, and in particular our SMEs, are inspired and supported to achieve their potential. Here you can find out how the Enterprise and Innovation Board is working with membership organisations and other partners to provide a comprehensive support network and business growth package. We are developing a new inward investment model and working with Hertfordshire County Council to maximise the tourism offer.

Skills and Employment

Underpinning the county’s growth is maintaining the availability of motivated and skilled people to meet the changing demands of employers. Here you can find out how the Skills and Employment Board is working with partners to provide the skills that best meet employers’ needs.

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