About regulation


Whatever kind of business you operate, you will have rules you need to work within. These can be national or / and local requirements. Regulation is in place to make sure both your business and customers are safe, regulation is not there to make running a business hard. Regulatory officers are trained in their respective area of regulation and all Local Authority Regulators have signed up to the Hertfordshire Better Business for All Charter which outlines what businesses can expect from Hertfordshire Regulatory Services.

Regulators want to help you make your business a success


Regulators want to help you make your business a success, so the earlier you get in contact with them the better. The type and number of regulation(s) vary depending on what type of business you are running. Some regulations are set by central government and are the same in any local authority. Other regulation varies between the district areas in Hertfordshire.

Local authority regulators


These are the main areas of regulations enforced by local authorities. Most businesses will need to get approval from at least one, or often several of each:

  • Planning

  • Building Control

  • Licensing

  • Environmental Health (including food hygiene and health and safety)

  • Fire Safety

  • Trading Standards and Consumer Protection

  • Highways

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National regulators include:




What might seem confusing to you is something that the local Council will deal with regularly, so if in doubt – Talk to Reg.