Who sets regulation?


There are three tiers of local government in Hertfordshire, the County Council (one), District Councils (ten) and Town and Parish councils (over 120). Both the County Council and District Councils have regulatory powers, but this doesn’t mean it’s harder to comply with regulation, or that you have to speak to twice as many Councils.

Different areas of regulation are dealt with by different teams


The ten District Councils provide more local services, such as leisure facilities, environmental health, licensing and local planning. 

Whereas the County Council delivers county-wide services such as waste disposal, highways and social care.

The different types of regulation are usually dealt with by different teams within the District Council, for example there will often be a separate team of professionals for Licensing, Environmental Health, Building Control, and Planning.

All the teams within the District will know who to direct you to about other kinds of regulation.

Talk to Reg to find out who you need to speak to about each regulation within Hertfordshire. 



What might seem confusing to you is something that the local Council will deal with regularly, so if in doubt – Talk to Reg.