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In our drive to increase local economic growth and private sector investment, we have a responsibility to be open and transparent about how public funds are spent.

To help us achieve this, the Government ensures each LEP adheres to the National Assurance Framework – this makes sure LEPs have in place robust systems and processes to effectively manage funding from central Government budgets. That framework stipulates specific rules for LEPs in four key areas:

  • Governance and Decision Making
  • Transparent decision making; including a Conflict of Interests policy
  • Accountable decision making
  • Ensuring value for money and effective delivery

The responsibility for ensuring that we strictly adhere to this framework lies with the ‘Section 151 Officer’ in the partner local authority. In the case of Hertfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership, this is Hertfordshire County Council which acts as our accountable body. It is their responsibility to sign off our assurance framework each year, ensure it is being implemented, and that it meets the standards of the LEP National Assurance Framework as indicated above.

Hertfordshire LEP’s Assurance Framework sets out:

  • How our boards are recruited and how they operate
  • The process of making funding decisions and how they deliver value for money
  • Our commitments to transparency of decision making.

Relevant Governance and Corporate Policy documents, including our Assurance Framework, can be accessed below.

A signed Register of Interests was received for all Board Members. The hard copies of these documents were dated when they were received and signed by the LEP Chief Executive and Section 151 Officer by 28th February 2018.

This information has been redacted on the copies included on our website for the purposes of data protection.

View our Board Members' Register of Interests

 Also view our Board Papers and governance structure.

If you have any questions on our governance or decision making processes please contact us on

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