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How the Board and Sub-Groups work

The LEP Board comprises 15 elected members: the Chair, six business representatives, two SME representatives, two from the fields of higher and further education, one not-for-profit representative and four local authority representatives.

The Board is set at a maximum of 15 members to enable a strong team ethic, fully inclusive debate, and a capacity for rapid decisions.

All members of LEP groups have a set term of office and are unremunerated as they give their time on a voluntary basis. Our Assurance Framework sets out the recruitment process, roles and responsibilities of the Board.

The Framework also sets out our governance and arrangements for the delivery of programmes and projects as well as relationships with partners and all local authorities.

Other Key Documents relating to the Board, Programme Boards and Sub Groups include: Terms of Reference - this sets out our vision, duties and responsibilities; Complaints PolicyConflicts of Interest Policy and Declaration of Interests.

Each priority area is supported by a Programme Board or sub-group and is chaired by a LEP Board Member with representation from the wider businesses community to focus on their programme’s area of expertise.

Hertfordshire LEP Area ESIF Committee. This committee is responsible for setting the direction and priorities, and developing and delivering the strategy for European Structural Investment Funds on behalf of Government.

The committee is chaired by LEP board members however the secretariat is provided by the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG).

Their duties are set out in the Terms of Reference which can be viewed in the Key Documents below.

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