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What are Programme Boards?

The three Programme Boards (some with sub-groups) support our priority areas which are Enterprise and InnovationSkills and Employment; and Strategic Infrastructure, together with the Enterprise Zone Partnership Board and Programme Management Committee.

The Programme Boards are chaired by LEP Board Members with representation from the wider businesses community to focus on their programme’s area of expertise.

Their main function is to consider and prioritise project concepts and to make funding recommendations to help the main LEP Board’s decision making. All members of LEP groups have a set term of office and are unremunerated as they give their time on a voluntary basis.

The three Programme Boards meet quarterly and their functions are detailed in Annex B of the Assurance Framework in the Key Documents below.

Hertfordshire LEP maintains a pipeline of projects which support the delivery of its Strategic Economic Plan. Full details of how the LEP selects and assesses projects are available in our Assurance Framework, under Key Documents below. 

Information about projects which have already been allocated resources is available in our Projects section. Any future calls for projects will be published on our News pages.

Full list of Programme Board Members

Visit our Governance page.
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View our Board Members’ Register of Interests.

Who chairs the Programme Boards?

The Enterprise and Innovation Board is chaired by LEP Board Member Graham Lane, founder and major shareholder of Cheeky Munkey Limited.

The Skills and Employment Board is chaired by Adrian Hawkins, Deputy Chair of the LEP Board and Chairman of Weldability SIF. 

The Strategic Infrastructure Board is chaired by LEP Board Member Tina Barnard, Chief Executive of Watford Community Housing Trust.

The Enterprise Zone Board is chaired by Mark Bretton, Chair of the LEP Board and Managing Director of Accenture.

The Programme Management Committee

The Programme Management Committee (PMC) is a sub-group of the LEP Board. The PMC is chaired by Neil Rutledge, Head of Business Development at Amberside Advisors Ltd. 

The PMC is made up of private and public sector members and oversees spending across all four priority areas, ensuring the provision of value for money. They also ensure that proper processes and procedures are in place and are used to secure delivery of the Growth Deal.

These are set out in more detail under Annex B of our Assurance Framework, under Key Documents below.

Full list of PMC members

Chair of Chair's Panel

The recent Review of Local Enterprise Partnership Governance and Transparency, led by Mary Ney, recommends having a sub-committee or panel tasked with assessing bids/decisions. 

In advance of any changes to the National Assurance Framework, we have established a Chair of Chair's Panel to assess all bids. This Panel first met in February to assess our recent Open Call for Projects.

The Panel is made up of:

  • Adrian Hawkins, Chair of the Skills & Employment Board/ Deputy Chair of the LEP Board
  • Graham Lane, Chair of the Enterprise & Innovation Board
  • Tina Barnard, Chair of the Strategic & Infrastructure Board
  • Neil Rutledge, Chair of the Programme Management Committee
  • Owen Mapley, Section 151 Officer of the Accountable Body 
  • Neil Hayes, Executive Director of Hertfordshire LEP

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