Brexit - new regulations

Find out how to comply with new legislation

The UK has left the EU and the new rules are here, including a new UK regulatory framework.

Not sure whether legislative changes affect your business? Confused about what you need to do? Businesses may need to take action even if they don’t import or export goods. Make sure you are ready to grow.

This page is aimed at businesses and contains specific information and updates on the EU transition from:

  • Trading Standards at Hertfordshire County Council.
  • Environmental Health at district/borough councils.
  • For areas not covered by Trading Standards and Environmental Health, you will find links to other sources of support at the bottom of this page.

It is important that all businesses visit and use the ‘Brexit checker' tool to get a personalised list of actions for your business, and also sign up to alerts, updates and webinars. ​

Brexit guidance

Other sources of support

Hertfordshire councils and business support organisations strongly encourage you to access their support. See how Hertfordshire organisations can help your business with the EU transition:

Hertfordshire Trading Standards is responsible for ensuring certain products placed on the market are safe and labelled correctly. This includes food and animal feed products and products that must meet specific standards, including safety marking. Hertfordshire Trading Standards is supporting local businesses by ensuring that they are kept up to date with legislative changes and can continue to place compliant products on the market.

Call the Trading Standards Business Advice Line: 01707 281401

Visit the Trading Standards webpage

Environmental Health teams at your local council are responsible for the hygiene and safety of food, Identification Marks and Export Health Certificates. They are supporting local businesses by ensuring that they are kept up to date with legislative changes and can continue to import and export safe food from the EU. Economic Development teams at your local council may have additional services to support your business too.

Find your local council

Hertfordshire Growth Hub's EU Transition Advisors can support businesses by keeping you up-to-date with transition news and updates; providing guidance that is tailored specifically for your business sector; working with you to understand what exactly EU transition means for your business; and helping you to access a host of fully funded support programmes delivered by Hertfordshire Growth Hub and its partners. 

Visit the Growth Hub website

Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce: visit the Chamber website for Brexit-related articles, updates and events. Get in touch with the Export Team for support with the new Customs Declaration forms.

Visit the Chamber website

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