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Advanced Engineering

Hertfordshire’s world-class engineering companies specialise in aerospace, space and satellite engineering, communication technologies, electronics, defence and security-related equipment and logistics. The advanced engineering sector includes top global companies as well as a multitude of niche engineering companies.

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Life Sciences

Hertfordshire is home to some of the most famous names in pharmaceuticals, which have taken advantage of the unique local research asset base and the proximity to other major UK and world research centres.

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Information Technology

Hertfordshire’s IT companies are particularly strong in computational R&D and digital media, including specialisms in security and cybercrime. Hertfordshire also hosts the headquarters of market leaders such as  EE, Imagination Technologies and Computacenter.

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Creative Industries

Hertfordshire is a major contributor to a global success story, as the UK has one of the world’s most successful and dynamic creative sectors. This provides major investment opportunities and stimulates significant supply chain activities.

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