BBfA red tape

A partnership between local authorities and business groups in Hertfordshire has strengthened its support to help businesses comply with all the regulations they need to follow to operate legally.

Better Business for All (BBfA) aims to help businesses to grow rather than feel burdened by red tape. The BBfA team have a raft of new targeted initiatives to support businesses including providing commercial awareness training for all regulators across the county so that they can understand the needs of businesses better and investigating ways to help companies check employees eligibility to work.

The BBfA webpages will help guide businesses through the regulatory process; its Regulation Directory acts as the first port of call for companies seeking advice and regulatory support.

Hertfordshire LEP Executive Director Neil Hayes said: "The Better Business for All Partnership is working to build trust between the private sector community and regulators. Our regulators have an important role to play in supporting economic growth and creating a level playing field in which businesses can flourish. This partnership helps to ensure Hertfordshire remains perfectly placed for business."

One of the problems for businesses is that responsibility for regulation is split across many different organisations. The BBfA team have trained hundreds of regulators to be better aware of their fellow regulators’ requirements to help companies avoid receiving conflicting advice or making unnecessary costly investments.

Better Business for All 

"Having recently set up the business we were keen to make sure that we complied with all of the relevant legislation. Trading Standards were so professional and helpful. They explained the law to us and were fantastic in answering all the questions that we had at no cost. I'll definitely make contact again. It's great to have that reassurance that you are doing everything properly."