London Underground employee Shauni O’Neill, from Borehamwood in Hertofordshire,has launched her bid to be crowned national Apprenticeship Champion of the Year – and needs the help of the public across the Central Eastern region.

Shauni was nominated for the award, which is decided by a national public vote, following her significant achievements at London Underground since finishing her Apprenticeship and her role championing Apprenticeships. The award is part of the prestigious National Apprenticeship Awards, which are organised by the National Apprenticeship Service.

Shauni completed her Apprenticeship in 2011 and won the National Apprentice of the Year award that same year. Since then she has worked tirelessly to promote Apprenticeships as well as gaining two promotions. She was recently crowned as the Central Eastern Regional Apprenticeship Champion of the Year for her work in promoting Apprenticeships which means that she now represents the region in the national public vote.

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