Hertfordshire LEP in partnership with Youth Connexions Hertfordshire is delivering The Careers and Enterprise Company. The idea is to match an Enterprise Adviser from the business/public sector with a local secondary school.

So far around 80 schools and 60 businesses have signed up to take part across the county, with more employers coming on board each week to support a school in their area. Part of its success so far has been the range and calibre of Enterprise Advisers, with large banking groups such as Santander and Barclays signing up, as well as several SMEs demonstrating their willingness to support young people.

You can read about the successes and future goals of the Careers and Enterprise Company in their most recent Annual Roundup, published in July 2016.

Enterprise Advisers are typically senior leadership volunteers from the local business community who will engage with schools and colleges. The advisers will help schools develop tailored careers advice programmes and build a network of valuable local business contacts. This will help prepare young people for future jobs and careers.

The key benefits for your business are:

• to belong to a local network committed to resolving skills issues

• to tailor the development of your current and future employees

The benefits for schools/colleges are:

• improved links with local employers

• a dedicated Enterprise Adviser who will offer support for a minimum of one day per month over 12 months.

• support in developing a successful careers advice programme


Lori West, Founder and Managing Director of The Brilliance Trailblazer, explains why she became an Enterprise Advisor:

"As a leadership coach, I know that business and management skills do not come naturally to most people. I am hired to help people in leadership and management fill in the gaps with their experience and education. Being a mum, I am also passionate about young people and their future, and when the opportunity arose to support schools to create a foundation for greater business success with their students, I jumped at the opportunity. I think the Careers and Enterprise Company is a fantastic initiative, and I know through direct experience that with the right guidance, anyone can find success and fulfilment in their working life."

An Enterprise Adviser Training Handbook has been created for employers to give more guidance on what is involved.

This Employer Pack given to employers who sign up to the programme also provides useful information on the Enterprise Advisor Network, the role of the employer and Enterprise Advisor, and some of the reasons why this is a vital programme.

The Hertfordshire Provision Matrix outlines the Hertfordshire organisations that can support schools in developing their employer-led activities as part of their careers and education strategy.

These organisations can help schools develop their careers guidance programmes.

The Gatsby Benchmarks - the results of a review of careers guidance - reflect the thinking underpinning the programme.

Compass is a self-evaluation tool for schools in England to measure their careers programmes in relation to the Gatsby Benchmarks.

Find our more about the Hertfordshire programme

Find out more about the national programme

Jay Wheeler

He said: “This is a great opportunity for Red Potato to inspire local students about the exciting range of career options. As a market research company engagement with the local community is really important to our business. The young people of today are the employees and customers of tomorrow so it is essential for businesses to share their expertise and insight with schools."

Norman Housden

“When talking to business colleagues I constantly hear that they cannot recruit suitably educated young people into their companies. However my teacher friends are concerned that their pupils, even when achieving good grades, cannot find suitable employment. I am hoping that supporting this scheme as an Enterprise Adviser will enable me to bring a better joint understanding of the requirements, needs and aspirations at all levels."

If would like to find out more about how you or your organisation can get involved, please contact Daniel Gendle, Senior Enterprise Co-ordinator Mobile: 07464 678767 

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