The emerging preferred options for the allocation of land for housing in North Hertfordshire were presented at a Councillor briefing on the 15 October. 

The draft housing allocations were discussed in advance of a Full Council meeting on 27 November, when Councillors will be asked to agree for consultation on a draft Local Plan - Preferred Options, for the period 2011-2031. Consultation would then be held during December and January where comments will be welcomed from the public, interest groups and potential developers. The results of the consultation will be used to prepare the final version of the Draft Local Plan to be put forward, following a further consultation, for examination by the Planning Inspectorate next year.

The draft plan will include 12,100 homes for North Hertfordshire’s needs over the period to 2031. It will also consider how we respond to the needs from the Luton area that cannot be met within Luton’s borders, which we are required to do under the National Planning Policy Framework.

The plan will identify sites for housing and employment across each of North Hertfordshire’s towns and villages. It will also contain a new suite of policies to be used when determining planning applications.

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