Hertfordshire Growth Board is taking another significant step in its collaborative working, for good growth and economic recovery across the county, by announcing its formation into a statutory joint committee. Building upon the success of the Growth Board collaboration over the last two years, the new committee, made up of Hertfordshire Council Leaders and Chair of the Local Enterprise Partnership, will work within a democratic framework in all its future decision making.

Watford Borough Council was the first of 11 councils on the Board to officially announce, at its council meeting on Tuesday 13 October, its commitment to the new committee. Hertfordshire County Council and Three Rivers District Council will have their meetings next week, with the remaining councils taking their decisions between now and mid-December.

This increased openness and transparency in the meetings of the Growth Board will provide a means for businesses, stakeholders and residents to understand how the work of the Board will support the delivery of good growth with long-term benefits for Hertfordshire.

Councillor David Williams, Chair of Hertfordshire Growth Board and Leader of Hertfordshire County Council, said: “The joint committee is a positive step and an important evolution of the Growth Board governance. With the ongoing impact of COVID-19 and the importance of economic recovery, the need for collaboration, consensus and joint working across Hertfordshire has never been greater.

“The County Council will be taking this commitment through its own democratic processes next week and we will show our continued support for the work of the Growth Board at those meetings.”

Hertfordshire LEP was the first to give its formal support at its Board Meeting on 24th September, signalling its business-led board’s commitment to the work of the Growth Board and an increased level of scrutiny into its operations.

Hertfordshire LEP Chair Mark Bretton said: “This enhanced scrutiny of the work of the Growth Board will help maintain government and investor confidence in the visible alignment of business, political governance and civic support to delivery commitments in Hertfordshire. The LEP brings that business voice to decision making and ensures that we make a robust case for any future Growth Deals for Hertfordshire.

“The impact and importance of all the members of the Growth Board approving this and demonstrating our joint commitment cannot be underestimated and I am delighted that the LEP board has given its approval.”

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