Hatfield 2030

Hatfield 2030+ is a project funded by a partnership of public and private sector organisations from across Hatfield and the surrounding areas. This work aims to attract public and private sector investment over the next fifteen years to revitalise Hatfield and develop the town as a whole. 

The Hatfield Renewal Partnership is made up of: 

  • Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council

  • University of Hertfordshire

  • Hatfield Town Council

  • Hertfordshire LEP

  • Goodman Business Parks 

  • Oaklands College

  • Welwyn Hatfield Housing Trust

  • Gascoyne Cecil Estates

  • Hertfordshire County Council

  • Fitnesse Leisure

  • Welwyn Hatfield Chamber of Commerce

  • The Galleria

Hertfordshire LEP is very pleased to be a part of the Hatfield Renewal Partnership (HRP) and we have so far secured £6m for the town’s renewal as part of the Government’s Growth Deal. This funding will be available from 2019/20.

A team of specialists was also appointed to work alongside HRP to deliver a strategic plan for renewal driving growth and investment in the town to 2030 and beyond. The team is led by Broadway Malyan masterplanners and includes Nexus Planning town planners, Colliers International property experts and Kevin Murray Associates facilitators.

Following a wide-reaching public consultation with local people to understand what residents wanted for Hatfield in the future, the HRP published the Hatfield 2030+ New Town Renewal Framework on the 21st July 2016. The framework sets out a series of priorities to stimulate growth and investment. Priorities identified include:

  • Improving the town centre through residential-led regeneration;

  • Enhancing business growth by providing new space and infrastructure for start-ups;

  • Improving the range and quality of housing;

  • Using place-making to regenerate key connecting corridors and create safe, quality public spaces;

  • Improving walking, cycling and public transport connections;

  • Identifying opportunities for better leisure and culture provision.

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