In the light of COVID-19, this plan sets out the revised priorities for Hertfordshire LEP for 2020/21 and the outputs and deliverables we expect to achieve by the end of the financial year.

This takes into account the greater focus on economic resilience and recovery, the impact COVID-19 has had on our delivery and our internal governance and resourcing.

The COVID-19 response and recovery activity can be broadly broken down into three stages:

  • Short Term -intelligence gathering and potential interventions
  • Medium Term - producing an Economic Resilience Recovery Plan
  • Longer Term - revising our Local Industrial Strategy

It will be regularly reviewed and monitored to ensure that we have the flexibility to respond within existing local and national frameworks, and that we have the capacity, capability and expertise to meet these new challenges and opportunities. It reflects our place within the wider growth proposition for Hertfordshire and our ability to check and challenge current ways of thinking, embrace digital and technological solutions and provide the stimulus, hope and ambition for Hertfordshire’s recovery.

Mark Bretton, Chair, Hertfordshire LEP and Chair, LEP Network, said: “The Prime Minister has set a clear objective to grow the country out of the crisis around three themes; education, infrastructure and technology. LEPs and Hertfordshire in particular, are perfectly placed to make a major contribution. Our Annual Delivery Plan reflects this and sits well within the wider context of the overall Hertfordshire Growth Board programme.”

We will no doubt do far more over the year than this plan outlines. Likewise, there will be some proposed interventions that, as the UK economy changes, will evolve, grow or, in some cases, possible not be taken forward. Given this, our Plan outlines our proposed activities for the 2020/21 period.V

View the Hertfordshire LEP Annual Delivery Plan 2020/21.