Hertfordshire LEP is very pleased to be a signatory to the new Hertfordshire Compact; a written understanding between the voluntary and community sector and statutory sectors about how they will co-operate and continue to develop positive working relationships for the benefit of Hertfordshire’s communities.

The agreement has been developed by the Hertfordshire Compact steering group, a multi-agency group responsible for leading on the implementation, monitoring and championing of the Hertfordshire Compact. The group includes representation from a number of Hertfordshire’s statutory and voluntary and community sector agencies.

The main aims of the Hertfordshire Compact are to build on existing partnerships, develop a range of shared principles and undertakings and develop the relationship between the sectors through mutual respect and trust, so that better public services can be provided across Hertfordshire. Although this Compact is not legally binding, the intention is that it should be followed to promote good quality working relationships between voluntary and community sector organisations and statutory organisations across Hertfordshire.

Organisations can read the Compact and sign up to adopt it here.