Hertfordshire County Council has released its latest Local Transport Plan, setting out how transport can help deliver a positive future vision of the county.

As well as providing for safe and efficient travel, transport has a major impact on wider policies such as economic growth, meeting housing needs, improving public health and reducing environmental damage.

The plan covers the period up to 2031, aligning with the timescale for most housing proposals being set out in the ten district Local Plans. However, it also considers how future planning decisions and emerging technology might affect the way that transport needs to be provided in the longer term.

Critically the new Transport Plan accelerates the transition from a previous transport strategy that was largely car based to a more balanced approach which caters for all forms of transport and seeks to encourage a switch to sustainable transport (e.g. walking, cycling and passenger transport) where possible.

Notable amongst the new transport proposals are:

  • Sustainable Travel Towns, comprising comprehensive packages of improvements for walking, cycling and passenger transport, combined with activity to encourage more sustainable travel behaviour
  • An east-west bus rapid transit scheme between Hemel Hempstead and Welwyn Garden City, with potential to extend this in future to Hertford and Harlow
  • A programme of A414 highway improvements including a Hertford Bypass
Read the Local Transport Plan 2018 - 2031