By 2031 there will be 175,000 more people living in the county. Given the current high usage of cars, this will put immense strain on the transport system, increasing congestion and journey times and hampering economic growth.

Some new road building will be needed to cater for the car usage that housing and employment development generates, however it is essential we also try to support a change in travel behaviour. Hertfordshire County Council’s new Local Transport Plan hopes to facilitate more travel by walking, cycling, passenger transport and car sharing to minimise future growth in traffic and excessive road building.

With 63% of all journeys within the county estimated to be under 5 miles, and 36% of Hertfordshire commuters also travelling less than 5 miles to their place of work, the council recognises great potential to encourage alternative modes of transport.

Revolutionary changes are on the horizon. Autonomous vehicle technology is developing fast and we are already seeing a rise in the roll out of electric vehicles. In future years there is likely to be a move away from widespread car ownership in favour of shared transport services such as car clubs, ride hailing services and cycle hire.

The new Local Transport Plan aims to tackle existing and expected problems, but is also alert to uncertain future transport scenarios. Hertfordshire County Council is urging all residents, transport users and local businesses to share your views on the proposed strategy before 23 January 2018.

Read the Local Transport Plan and submit your feedback via online survey.