Michael Heseltine has signed a £221.5 million Growth Deal for Hertfordshire which will deliver thousands of new homes, jobs, support business growth and improve the skills of its workforce.

Over the lifetime of its Deal (2015-2021) up to 15,000 new jobs could be created, 20,000 new homes built and it has the potential to unlock £430m public and private investment.

The total expanded Deal secured by Hertfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership comprises £199.2 million in July last year with a further £22.3 million and an additional £19.6 million of discounted borrowing to support Hemel Hempstead’s regeneration. To view our total expanded Growth Deal infographic click here. To view Hertfordshire’s Growth Deal and expanded allocation in detail click here.

Photo shows: LEP Board Member Andrew Percival, LEP Chairman John Gourd, Rt Hon Michael Heseltine and LEP Board Member Quintin McKellar at the Growth Deal signing ceremony, Westminster 26 March.