Herts for Learning & Duncan Print Group, Stevenage

Duncan Print Group delivers printing and design services to Hertfordshire's schools via its work with Herts for Learning, the UK's largest school company.
Developed from Hertfordshire County Council’s education services, Herts for Learning is a not for profit business owned by Hertfordshire's schools and the local authority, dedicated to raising standards in teaching and re-investing in Hertfordshire’s children.

Herts for Learning’s print work was tendered in December 2013, and following a competitive pitch, Duncan Print Group was selected. The quality of work and the service received for the job was impressive, and combined with the cost saving made, all Herts for Learning’s corporate print work, including brochures, reports, training material, school newspapers, handbooks, posters and leaflets has now been switched to Duncan Print Group.

The move has greatly reduced Herts for Learning’s ongoing print costs, which has enabled increased investment back into the products and services offered by Herts for Learning to schools. On the back of the switch, a wider project is now being explored between Herts for Learning and Duncan Print Group, to develop a print portal for Hertfordshire schools, through which they can print all of their corporate literature and benefit from the same cost-effective, high-quality printing service.

How has working with Herts for Learning helped the SME to grow?

The increase in turnover for Duncan Print Group provided by working with Herts for Learning has contributed to a steady capital investment plan of over £1.8M in the last two years. Added to this are four new apprentice positions and two new account executive roles.

Fox Feeds Ltd and Defence Animal Centre, Buntingford

Fox Feeds Ltd is a 2,000 acre north Hertfordshire-based farming and forage merchanting company which has been supplying hay, straw and haylage (Horsehage) to the horses of The King’s Troop Royal Horse Artillery and The Household Cavalry Mounted regiment for 10 years.

How has it helped the SME to grow?

The award of the Forage Contract with the MoD gave the company confidence to invest in the handling equipment and road vehicles needed and in turn increase the volumes produced. Staff numbers also increased by 3, and the increased number of employees allowed full time specialist roles to be filled by qualified staff, specifically in relation to administration, quality standards and health and safety. As a result, the business has created more efficient ways of loading and distributing its products that are benefiting its entire client base.

Robert Barclay, Managing Director of Fox Feeds Ltd, said: “The award of the contract has radically changed this company. We are confident of our ability to provide a new approach to a very traditional business and the Ministry of Defence’s adoption of these changes has allowed great improvement in the working lives of horses and those who care for them.”

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