A new campaign has launched today to help small and medium-sized businesses in Hertfordshire prepare for change, as the UK’s departure from the European Union is confirmed.

Ready 2020 is being managed by Hertfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership, working alongside the Greater London Authority (GLA) and South East Local Enterprise Partnership. It is a collaborative effort to support smaller companies across London, the South East and Hertfordshire as they face wide-ranging changes in the business environment.

The campaign will provide timely information across areas including recruitment and employment, trading relationships and regulation.
It will also offer advice and support aimed to boost the resilience of SMEs, encouraging companies to think about how to manage the risks and pursue the opportunities they will encounter in the coming year.

Support will be provided by a combination of digital resources, events across the LEP catchment areas, and business advisors from local Growth Hubs. More information can be found on the campaign website: www.ready2020.co.uk

Delivery partners for the campaign are the Greater London Authority, London Growth Hub, Hertfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership, Hertfordshire Growth Hub, South East Local Enterprise Partnership, Business East Sussex Growth Hub, Kent & Medway Growth Hub and BEST Growth Hub. The campaign will run from today until March 31st.

Adrian Hawkins, Deputy Chair, Hertfordshire LEP, said: “At the beginning of a new decade, every Hertfordshire business should take the opportunity to think about how they can be resilient in the face of change.

“Working with partners in London and the South East, we are launching the Ready 2020 campaign to help SMEs understand how the commercial environment is changing, what this means for them and how best to prepare. It is important that companies recognise the advice and support on offer, as they face up to both challenges and opportunities ahead.”

Visit www.ready2020.co.uk for more information.