80 delegates from a broad range of organisations across Hertfordshire attended the Skills Summit 2017 on 6 October, hosted by Hertfordshire LEP and Hertfordshire County Council. The Summit aimed to bring to the forefront the challenges facing the county’s labour market and to gather the views of key stakeholders to inform the Skills Strategy to 2020, a draft of which was presented at the event. GSK, Affinity for Business, Metrobank and the University of Hertfordshire were some of the local employers in attendance.

Key speakers included;

Councillor David Williams from Hertfordshire County Council, who set the scene;

"We know that skills contribute significantly to the economic output of an area and are a dynamic driver of enterprise, investment and new industries; employers in Hertfordshire view the overall proficiency of their workforce as key to their performance and business competitiveness. We also know that unemployment is low in Hertfordshire and that employers report that a large proportion of their vacancies are hard to fill because applicants lacked the appropriate skills."

James Snelling, District Manager at JobCentre Plus who discussed headline issues regarding the employment market;

Norman Jennings, Skills & Employment Manager at Hertfordshire LEP who highlighted the successes of the first Skills Strategy;

Dr. Christopher Brown, Professor at the University of Hertfordshire who explained the proposed Skills Framework for education leavers;

Nicci Smith, Early Talent Programme Manager at GSK who presented the employer’s view;

Esme Clarke, Laboratory Scientist Apprentice at GSK who presented the apprentice’s view and;

Adrian Hawkins, Deputy Chair of Hertfordshire LEP who made closing remarks.

View the speakers’ presentation slides.

Esme Clarke, Laboratory Scientist Apprentice at GSK, speaks at the Skills Summit 2017

Two workshops surrounding the proposed Skills Framework and the draft Hertfordshire Skills Strategy to 2020 saw delegates weigh in on key issues and discuss the obstacles faced by their organisations, the feedback from which will directly influence both proposals. Those unable to attend the summit can still give their views via our online survey available until 20 October 2017.

Delegates take part in a Skills Summit workshop

For more information, photos and to download materials from the Conference Pack, please visit the Skills Summit hub on our website.