Our first Strategic Economic Plan was published in 2014. Since then we have negotiated two significant Growth Deals with Government, entered into negotiations over a third Growth Deal and have secured around £55.3m EU funding to invest in our businesses, people and places.

Over the last few months, work has been underway on a “light touch” refresh of Perfectly Placed for Business, the Strategic Economic Plan (SEP) for Hertfordshire. During this process we consulted with both Hertfordshire Leaders’ and Chief Executive Groups. Our discussions convinced us that the main themes of the original SEP are broadly the right ones for Hertfordshire – albeit they need to be updated and refocused to take account of wider macro-economic and political changes.

We have now refreshed our SEP to take into account the wider trends that will influence economic life in the county to 2030 and we are seeking your views on it. To have your say on our refreshed SEP please use this response form. The consultation will formally close on 23 January 2017.

Whilst the consultation is underway, we will be working on how best we can implement and resource our revised economic plan, with a much sharper focus on delivery to ensure that we meet our goals. We aim to launch the fully refreshed SEP – with further details on its implementation – at our Annual Conference in spring 2017.

Please note the consultation is now closed. View the updated SEP published July 2017.