• By 2050 forecasts predict that the population of Hertfordshire will have grown by around 400,000 to over 1.5m, having a huge impact on congestion and journey times.

• Over the next 15 years it is forecast that car journeys at peak times in Hertfordshire will increase by 25 per cent, meaning an extra 15 minutes for an hour-long commute.

• The costs of traffic congestion to the UK economy is expected to grow to over £20 billion per annum by 2030

That is why the HCC is developing a new long-term transport strategy that sets out how it can manage this extra strain on our transport networks, and support economic and population growth in the county. This strategy will provide a framework to guide all of its future transport planning and investment. The goal is for Hertfordshire to remain an attractive place to live, work and invest in.

The HCC would like to hear from the local business community to find out what business managers and owners think about the range of transport issues that affect their business and whether you agree with the newly proposed transport policies and schemes.

The consultation is now live until 14th December 2016. To have your say, please visit - www.hertfordshire.gov.uk/transportvision2050

For any enquiries about the consultation please contact the County Council Transport Policy Team at LTP@hertfordshire.gov.uk