UKTI has reported a very successful year working with local enterprise partnerships across the country, with the number of successful new inward investment projects in 2014/15 in Hertfordshire increasing to 25, the highest in the last five years, showing further proof of economic recovery after the recession

Hertfordshire is competing well against other areas of the UK and overseas, with London acting as a magnet for up to 70% of inward investment.

A total of 466 new jobs were created in the county in 2014/15, an increase on the previous year of 60%. This compares well with previous years when the focus has been on safeguarding jobs at existing investors. Now new jobs are being created in the county as a direct result of inward investment.

The national increase in FDI project successes has helped the UK to maintain its position as the number one destination in Europe for investment. Read the full story here.