Virgin Hot Air Balloon

On a sunny Friday’s evening, I had the opportunity to experience a hot air balloon ride departing from Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, where the experienced pilot, Spencer, guided us through the air. Although some were slightly nervous, he made the experience calm and enjoyable.

Before our smooth take-off, we were given the opportunity to practice climbing into the basket, which was surprisingly very spacious for twelve passengers.

Sooner or later the adrenaline kicked in and at 7.30pm we lifted from the ground and glided over the picturesque countryside. We soared up to 3,000 feet and had the opportunity to take aerial shots of the beautifully humbling view, including forests, farming fields and quaint villages.

After a rocky, but fun landing, we helped the crew pack the balloon away, toasted the flight with a glass of champagne (or a soft drink) and were chauffeured back to the original launch site, clutching our  commemorative flight certificates. 

I would highly recommend those who have the chance to experience a Virgin Hot Air Balloon Flight. And for those who have a fear of heights, fear not because Virgin’s helpful team will ensure you feel comfortable and calm during the incredible journey.

Molly Curtis travelled courtesy of Virgin Balloon Flights which takes off from over 100 locations. Find a Virgin Balloon Flight taking off in your area.