Warner Bros. Creative Talent programme finds and supports the next generation of UK creative industries’ talent through a wide range of initiatives in partnership with other organisations across the sector.

WBSL offers opportunities to study, train and gain invaluable experience and insight right across the entertainment industry – through scholarships at some of the country’s most respected higher education institutions.

Here one former apprentice talks about his experiences:

Matthew Byrne: Production Assistant
Matt completed his apprenticeship in December 2014 and continues to work at WBSL.

How are you involved in Warner Bros. Creative Talent?
My job title is Studio Assistant Apprentice. In my role I get the chance to experience a number of different aspects within the industry. I am based in the sales and bookings department which is where clients book studio space in order to film at Leavesden Studios. This entails me calling and receiving calls from potential and current clients and making sure all of their needs can be met. I have been allowed to help work on some of the marketing ideas which have been really interesting as there have been a mixture of items used in order to promote the studios through the means of merchandise and other forms. I have also been allowed to give tours to people around the studios which have been really useful for me as it has helped me to remember the huge site at a quicker rate. Luckily enough I haven’t got anyone else lost yet.

What does it mean to you to be part of Warner Bros. Creative Talent?
Getting an opportunity like this at such an establishment is huge and I feel will benefit me greatly for the future. It has allowed me to come straight from sixth form in to the working world and a great environment that is constantly growing.

Who do you most admire in the industry?
I think there are probably too many people in the industry to list. Each department I’ve already been able to see does something really impressive. Many people may think that the film industry stops at the actors and directors but there really are hundreds if not thousands of people working on a daily basis to get a production completed to the highest level. One area that has been really great to see are the people working on scenery and settings and just how they create the locations. They make it look really authentic and it must be a real accomplishment when they complete a set and get to see it in the film. Matthew.byrne@warnerbros.com

Other apprentices taken on by WBSL

David Cormack: Set Lighting Apprentice
David completed his apprenticeship in December 2014.

Lewis Bulled: Plumber
Lewis will complete his apprenticeship in September 2015.