GSK Amanda Campbell

As part of Women in Engineering Day (NWED) on 23 June we are raising the profile and celebrating the achievements of women working in STEM related fields (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths).

Here one researcher explains how having joined GSK straight from school she now works at the frontline of medicinal research

Name: Amanda Campbell
Job title: GSK Liaison Officer, Molecular Disc.Research. R&D Platform Technology & Science
Company: GSK
Tell me a little about your background/job and how you entered this field
I was a Research Chemist which involved designing and making new molecules as potential new medicines; I started my role straight from school at Glaxo. Glaxo enrolled me in a day release degree course in Applied Chemistry at the University of Hertfordshire, a course which took 6 years to complete. I then had a break and had two children before returning to work at Roche in Welwyn Garden City. I applied back to GSK in 1999 and have been here ever since.

What have been your biggest successes to date?
I am a named Inventor on multiple patents for new molecules that could be potential medicines.

If you had advice for young women wishing to follow a similar career path what would it be?
Do what interests you and if you are interested in chemistry or any other scientific discipline, research the field because it’s so diverse and you can do so much.

Do you think enough young women are being encouraged to consider a career in science and other STEM –related areas?
When I started in 1983 very few women were working within chemistry, with only one woman in each lab. Now that has changed and in the most recent team I worked in women outnumbered men by 7:1, although this is not the case in every lab.

Have you any suggestions about what more could be done?
There is still a lack of awareness of the sector and what can be done and achieved.

What efforts does GSK go to, to encourage more women into science/technology?
GSK offers apprenticeships, work experience as well as running a local poster competition to all years in local schools. We have a science education site available for 8-14 year olds; we also support Big Bang science events across the country.

Does GSK take on apprentices?
There are many lab apprenticeships in GSK

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