Hatfield regeneration

Hertfordshire LEP, as part of the Hatfield Renewal Partnership, is investing in the regeneration of Hatfield town centre.

The Strategic Infrastructure Board seeks ways to overcome infrastructure issues that are holding back the economic development of the county. It follows that Hertfordshire LEP is investing in the regeneration of Hatfield town centre as part of its specific commitment to re-invigorate our places for the 21st Century with a focus on our ‘first wave’ New Towns including Hatfield.

The Hatfield 2030+ project, a partnership of public and private sector organisations, aims to revitalise Hatfield town centre.

It will improve the town centre through residential-led regeneration; enhance business growth by providing new space and infrastructure for start-ups; improve the range and quality of housing; use place-making to regenerate key corridors and create safe, quality public spaces; improve walking, cycling and public transport connections; identify opportunities for better leisure and culture provision; and ultimately unlock the economic potential of the town. Specifically, the proposed multi-storey cark park would unlock several development opportunities in the area.

The project has been awarded £6m from our Growth Deal in January 2015 and is contingent on housing and other outputs being delivered. £4.8m will be put towards the cost of building a new multi-storey on The Common car park which will be reinvested into other residential and retail developments around town. The remaining £1.2m will be used to improve the public space in White Lion Square, plans for which were unveiled in October 2017 and include a range of new features, planting and seating to encourage people to visit and stay longer in town (pictured in the CGI above).

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Hatfield Train Station

Hatfield train station underwent a £12.5m redevelopment to ensure it is fit for purpose to meet the growing demands of rail passengers and businesses.

The Strategic Infrastructure Board seeks ways to overcome issues that are holding back economic development, re-invigorate our New Towns including Hatfield, and harness our relationships with London and elsewhere. This was an opportunity to re-invest in decaying infrastructure and capitalise on the town’s excellent railway connections.

The new station has transformed the experience for passengers with new station buildings, improved retail units, a new platform foot bridge with lifts, a new multi-storey car park doubling the number of spaces and a dedicated bus interchange.

The A1000 has also been reconfigured to tie in with the changes, providing new pedestrian and cycling facilities including parking for more than 300 bikes, the removal of an unpopular subway, and an enhanced central section to improve access for pedestrians and cyclists.

It will support the LEP’s wider regeneration agenda for Hatfield and help unlock house building and job creation opportunities across the town.

The project received £0.5m from Hertfordshire LEP.