LEP funding has enabled the University of Hertfordshire to purchase a suite of sophisticated equipment for its new Nursing Simulation Laboratory and Ward, including simulation devices, cameras, monitors and models, to enhance teaching provision.

Developing our future workforce is one of the key priorities in the LEP’s Hertfordshire Skills Strategy and we are working closely with local education providers to ensure young people are equipped with the skills needed to succeed in the workplace.

With a growing national need for nursing professionals, there is increasing demand for the University's Nursing Associate and Degree Apprenticeship programmes. The introduction of sophisticated new simulation technology has allowed the University to significantly broaden its scope for nursing training.

Jackie Kelly, Dean of the School of Health and Social Work, University of Hertfordshire, said: “The use of simulation in nurse education has been advancing rapidly over the past ten years. It enables us to develop our students’ skills and confidence in a safe yet realistic environment, preparing them for their future careers in real-world settings.

"Simulation can also involve role-play scenarios with other professional student groups, such as paramedics and physiotherapists. With this new equipment we will be able to enhance the inter-professional learning aspects of our health curricula and give students broader experience of multi-disciplinary team working.

“This investment will ensure our students and apprentices are receiving the best technical education available. Our graduates will emerge better prepared, skilled, competent and practice-ready, to provide the workforce needed to deliver excellence in nursing and healthcare provision across our local NHS and wider healthcare services."

Hertfordshire LEP invested £164.8k from the Local Growth Fund towards this project.

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