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Upon submission of this form, you will be contacted by a Growth Account Manager from Hertfordshire Growth Hub, who will talk you through the Create Growth Programme in more detail, including the wider support that may be available to your business. You will also be taken through a Scale and Growth Assessment to determine your eligibility for the Supply Chain Innovation programme, which is delivered by Estu and Royal College of Art on behalf of Hertfordshire LEP.

Hertfordshire Growth Hub will refer eligible candidates to Estu, who will conduct an interview to discuss how the course aligns to your business objectives and the time commitment needed for completion, before confirming your invitation.


Eligibility: essential criteria

This programme aims to generate management skills and confidence amongst businesses with high growth potential within Hertfordshire’s film and TV sector, supporting sectors within the value chain, or those looking to diversify into the sector. The programme also supports businesses to become ‘investment ready’.

All Hertfordshire based businesses have access to support from the Hertfordshire Growth Hub, but to enter the Create Growth Programme and benefit from the tailored support available, interested businesses should have the following ‘high growth’ characteristics.

  • Turnover growth of 10% year-on-year, over approximately three years (including either prior to or during the pandemic).
  • Employed a minimum of two people over the last two years (full-time, part-time or freelance).
  • Created a revenue generating product, launched a new platform or service or reached a market of scale.
  • Generated sales revenue in the last two years.

This is an invitation only programme, however if your business has some but not all of these characteristics, it may still be considered if we believe it to have high growth potential or an interesting product or idea to take to market that the programme can support.

We welcome expressions of interest from all eligible business based in Hertfordshire working within the film and TV sector, its wider supply chains, and businesses looking to diversify into the sector’s value chain.


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