We are working to create a skilled workforce in Hertfordshire to meet employers' needs and provide residents with greater opportunities.

Improving productivity

We are committed to driving up productivity across Hertfordshire by creating a skilled and motivated workforce which can adapt to meet current and future business needs. Our core objectives are to:

  • Implement the Hertfordshire Skills and Employment Strategy. This sets out a detailed action plan which takes into account the views and needs of schools, colleges, businesses and other organisations to help increase and develop the capacity of our existing and future workforce.
  • Work towards the targets set out in our Apprenticeship Strategy, and corresponding Apprenticeship Action Plan.
  • Co-ordinate STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) focused activities across the county to help meet the needs of employers within Hertfordshire’s key growth sectors.

Skills Advisory Panel

Skills Advisory Panels (SAPs) were introduced across all LEP areas by Government in 2018 to provide strategic leadership on skills and to help address local workforce challenges. 

Hertfordshire LEP’s Skills and Employment Board has adopted SAP terms of reference and is now the Skills Advisory Panel for Hertfordshire. It works closely with partners to ensure that courses delivered by Hertfordshire’s education and apprenticeship providers help to meet local employers’ skills needs.

SAPs are required to publish an annual skills and labour market review for their area. 

Read the Hertfordshire Skills and Labour Market Review 2020.

Local Skills Report

Local Skills Reports are a requirement of all Skills Advisory Panels and were introduced by the Department for Education (DfE) to provide a clear and consistent view of local skills needs to help partners respond to labour market needs and feed this vital intelligence back to Government.

In this second edition of the Report, we map out Hertfordshire’s skills strengths and needs, set out the skills strategy and action plans, assess our progress over the past year and look forward.

This year, DfE is currently trailblazing new Local Skills Improvement Plans in eight areas which could be rolled out to other parts of the country.

These new plans are part of a suite of reforms that aim to put employers more firmly at the heart of the skills system.

View the Local Skills Report 2022.



Skills & Employment Dashboard

Hertfordshire LEP’s Skills & Employment Dashboard is an interactive resource produced in partnership with Hertfordshire County Council to enable stakeholders to:

  • easily access the latest and most relevant data relating to skills and employment in Hertfordshire;
  • better understand the county’s labour market; and 
  • support data-driven decision making relating to local skills provision.

Explore the Skills & Employment Dashboard.