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Perfectly located

On the doorstep of London

With outstanding transport links to central London, Hertfordshire is also well connected by rail, road and air to the rest of the UK, Europe and beyond with 4 surrounding international airports, 4 major terminals and proposed Crossrail 2.

Strategic Infrastructure

Engine of growth

At the heart of the UK’s Golden Research Triangle

We’re at the core of the UK’s science, research and innovation hub and sit at the heart of the UK’s Golden Research Triangle of London- Cambridge- Oxford, an economic area renowned as an engine of growth.

Enterprise and Innovation

Hertfordshire Innovation Quarter

With key investment opportunities

Hertfordshire Innovation Quarter offers business investment and expansion opportunities for multi-nationals and growing SMEs, with the focus on enviro-tech and related supply chains.

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Hertfordshire Growth Deal

With a targeted investment programme

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Hertfordshire Growth Deal


We're playing to our strengths

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