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We are committed to being open, transparent and accountable

Hertfordshire LEP has a clear governance structure and its investment decisions, project development and recruitment policies are transparent and accountable.

All members of LEP groups will be recruited on a transparent basis and in line with Hertfordshire County Council's equalities and diversity policy. This is the LEP’s diversity statement and is set out in our Assurance Framework.

The principal components of its decision-making process are illustrated in the LEP Governance Structure graphic below.

The Assurance Framework is a key document for the LEP. Its overarching purpose is to provide government and local partners with assurance that decisions over funding are proper, transparent, and that they deliver value for money. 

As part of our Growth Deal, we are expected to use the Government's national framework to inform how we work locally. This is then set out in this key document.

The framework also shows how projects are developed from an open call for projects on the LEP website, to development, approval and delivery. The pathway builds in several checks and balances and records are maintained throughout.

Programme Boards play a key role in recommending project priorities, while the LEP Board has final approval of funding decisions. The Project Management Committee ensures that the projects provide value for money.

Relevant Key Documents relating to Governance can be accessed below, including our Equality & Diversity Policy which is within the Assurance Framework. Further Key Documents including Minutes of Meetings and LEP Board and Programme Board Papers can be found in the Key Documents section of the website. 

Hertfordshire LEP Structure

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